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Resellers - North America

Jeff Young
Global Business Development Manager

1008 Western Ave., Suite 200
Seattle, WS 98104
Office:  206-902-2802
E-Mail:  [email protected]

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RazorTek is a full service provider of data, software and services for the remote sensing industry. Whether your needs are services -data creation, extraction or development or the proper software to manipulate your new purchase, we are here to provide the tools and expertise you need.

CompassTools, Inc. has been providing GIS solutions to the industry for over 20 years. CompassTools is a Trimble Authorized Dealer supporting Timble’s entire MGIS line of products. CompassTools is also a reseller of GIS field tools such as lasers, imagery, accessories, and more. We also offer full time tech support, equipment rentals, Trimble Certified Training, as well as custom training that can be catered to your workflow.

GIS Services In a world of a rapidly expanding range of geospatial tools GIS Services is committed to finding the best solutions while anticipating future needs. Software solutions include LizardTech (GeoExpress-Express Server-LiDAR Compressor), DatuMate and TerraGo (Composer-Publisher-Edge Mobile). Cutting edge technology available includes: Adapx Digital Pens (Capturx for ArcGIS and Excel), Ricoh GIS/GPS Cameras, NCTech (360 degree iSTAR Cameras), MapSight (ikeGPS), GeoBlu Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, BlackBridge (RapidEye), Arc2Earth, Geoweb3d, and Intermap.

Ascent GIS, Inc. It is our 100% GIS focus that gives Ascent GIS an edge in assisting organizations and businesses that are interested in building and maintaining spatial information. We provide Government, Businesses, Organizations, and Educational Institutions with GIS solutions on a daily basis. Ascent GIS, Inc. specializes in satellite & aerial imagery products and services.

MapMart , a division of IntraSearch Inc., established in 1951, is a full service mapping and imagery solutions provider. Our online mapping store provides our customers access to terabytes of data including satellite and aerial photography, topographic and street maps, digital elevation models and census plus demographic databases.

California CAD Solutions specializes in the training, implementation, and application of Geographic Information Systems technology.

Sani-International Technology Advisors, Inc provides geomatics services and consulting in geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing and softcopy photogrammetry.

New Light Technologies, Inc. , (NLT) is an 8(a) certified company headquartered in Washington D.C. We assist clients in the management and implementation of new technological advancements. Our consulting services include program and project management, GIS consulting and implementation, enterprise software and database engineering and integration services, and outsourced managed service solutions. Our primary mission is to provide clients with the best practical solutions and support needed to meet strategic IT business process goals and objectives. We deliver scalable and extensible solutions to meet long and short term organizational needs.

Western Heritage. Since 1990, Western Heritage has been trusted to deliver innovative solutions and proven expertise for the critical compliance and information needs of our clients across Canada and around the world. We are the premier choice for any project where heritage and cultural resources may be present. We serve clients across many sectors, from resource industries such as mining, forestry, and petroleum to infrastructure clients, cities, and communities.

Wind Environmental Services, LLC was founded with the intensions of providing professional yet affordable solutions to our clients. It is our goal to provide complete GIS solutions, providing hardware, software, training, and support. Along with being a LizardTech reseller we are also an ESRI value added reseller, and consultant, in addition we have an ESRI authorized instructor on staff. We are also resellers of GPS equipment, ruggedized PDAs, plotters, lasers, and computer equipment. We look forward to assisting you with any of your current or future projects.

Alsea Geospatial Inc. (AGI), located in Corvallis, Oregon, incorporated in April 1996 and quickly developed a core natural resource GIS services business. AGI has grown into an IT company providing mobile apps, custom software development, SQL database administration, GIS analysis and cloud hosted web-mapping sites. An ESRI business partner since 1997, the firm specializes in making GIS easy to use. AGI is an Oregon State certified WBE/DBE.The company holds GSA Schedule 70 contract and is a certified Small Business Administration HubZone company.

GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting. Since 1999, GEO-Jobe® GIS Consulting (GEO-Jobe® GIS) has been helping clients throughout the United States benefit from the power of GIS technology. Our experienced team of GIS experts and business partners has positioned GEO-Jobe® GIS as a complete GIS service provider for industries such as Local Government, Utilities, Aviation and Universities. From data creation to application development, GEO-Jobe® GIS is committed to doing whatever it takes to move our clients into a position where GIS technology can be used in the decision making process.

Caron East, Inc. Our company has served the survey, construction, mapping, mining, and GIS industry for over 100 years. We strive to give the best service and pricing in our industry. Please call and ask about your local sales and support representatives. We want to show you our service and product knowledge.

Resellers - Latin America

Jeff Young
Global Business Development Manager

1008 Western Ave., Suite 200
Seattle, WS 98104
Office:  206-902-2802
E-Mail:  [email protected]

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AEROTERRA S.A has been providing in the region innovative solutions in remote sensing and geoprocessing since 1973. AEROTERRA is the exclusive distributor for ESRI and LEICA software in Argentina and Uruguay.

Engesat International was set up in 1997 and concentrates primarily on satellite imagery distribution to clients across South America. Fifty percent of the Engesat staff is composed of engineers and mapping specialists who offer competitive, high quality, geoprocessing technologies. Engesat’s services include the provision of raw data for multiple types of thematic applications and advanced digital processing including DEM extraction from high resolution satellite imagery, orthorectification and mosaicing over large areas.

Telematica SA is a Peruvian owned private company founded in 1986 with the purpose of providing optimum support to the Technology of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), which is today one of the essential tools to thousands of users and State or private companies through the sale, installation, maintenance, and training thereof. Telemetica’s close relationship with industry leaders, ensuring our commitment to offer comprehensive solutions for our customers. The products marketed Telemetica, are developed by companies that have strong presence in the global market.

Geosolución, S.A. de C.V. is a Mexican company in geomatics. Specialized in delivering services based on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) concepts. We design and create mapping solutions that support your strategic and operational decision making processes. We developed and integrate applications to help you to build and efficiently administrate projects to public administration, geomarketing, engineering, environment and resource conservation, public services and cadastre. Bring a revolution into your organization by integrating, controlling and analyzing all the territorial data, givin an efficient response to quality related challenges. We offer to you: * Lizardtech software: GeoExpress with MrSID * Consultant and distribution of satellite imagery * Qualification

Geosystems . Headquartered in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, offers integrated solutions using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Satellite Images Processing, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and other complementary technologies. Certified professionals offer product support and customer service for each one of our represented product lines including LizardTech GeoExpress.

Sistemas De Informacion Geografica . SIGSA’s mission is to offer an integral solution to help our customer to solve the information requirements when executing urban and-or regional planning.

Resellers - Asia & Pacific

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Ainotech provides complete sales and customer support services for GeoExpress in Taiwan.

CarveTech . provides complete sales and support services for MrSID in New Zealand.

Spatial Solutions is a respected provider of GIS, remote sensing and photogrammetry products, consultancy and services. With the capability to source data, perform spatial analysis and data management,  web GIS, spatial application development we are a competent, professional and friendly multi-disciplinary team which adds value to our clients.

Resellers - Europe

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Arcdata Praque Ltd is the distributor of ESRI and ERDAS products in Czech Republic. We provide complete set of products and services to the Czech GIS market.

Basic d.o.o. . Our primary business is selling and developing applications for AutoCAD and AutoCAD MAP to customers in Slovenia.

Bekes Consulting Engineering Group Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of ERDAS and the reseller of ESRI products. We have provided support for ERDAS and ESRI products over the past 8 years.

ECOMM Company is the official international distributor of ESRI, Inc. in the Ukraine. ECOMM Co is also the representative of ERDAS, Inc. (USA, GA) for remote sensing, Trimble Navigation, Ltd. (USA, CA) for global position systems and Eurimage (Italy, Rome) for distribution of satellite data. ECOMM helps users obtain better information for better decisions by applying technical knowledge and a fund of valuable experience to the collection, analysis, and communication of geographic information.

ERSS is the distributor for ERDAS products in Egypt, providing products and services for Remote Sensing, GIS, Digital mapping, Photogrammetry, consulting, and training.

ESRI Sweden is the distributor for ESRI and ERDAS in Sweden providing complete support for ESRI, ERDAS, and other complimentary products and solutions.

ESTI Map Ltd . Official distributor of MapInfo Corp. in Russia and CIS countries since 1992, ESTI MAP Ltd. manufactures Russian versions of MapInfo software. We provide GIS desktop and server-based solutions (including Internet solutions) for the Russian market.

Estonian Map Centre, Ltd. (EMC) is a leading company in Estonia providing services and developing sophisticated applications in the field of geographic information technologies including surveying, cartography, photogrammetry, remote sensing and GIS.

GAF (Company for Applied Remote Sensing and Information Systems) is a reseller for Germany and Austria. GAF is an internationally active consultancy firm offering a full range of services related to spaceborne remote sensing and geoinformation.

EMI Group is engaged in geospatial data and geoinformation systems within multidisciplinary approach. Our goal is to provide the requirements of geospatial data users in a rapid, accurate and economical way as well as to improve the quality and efficiency of geospatial data. We intend to enhance our interdisciplinary projects and R&D activites depending on our skills of fundamentals of Geomatic techniques and methods and experiences since 1990’s.

GEODATA AS is the distributor for ESRI and ERDAS products for Norway. We provide complete solutions for GIS/Mapping applications.

GEOSYSTEMS Romania is a joint venture founded in 1993 by professionals dedicated to GIS and remote sensing. The American associate is ESRI – the company that pioneered the GIS technology. The German associate is GEOSYSTEMS GmbH – one of the main ERDAS distributors. The Romanian staff, with more than 10 years of experience in GIS and remote sensing projects, has become expert in adapting the products and services offered by GEOSYSTEMS Romania to meet a wide range of client requirements.

Geoinformation Systems, Technologies and Services

Bastijanova 52a
10000 Zagreb
Tel: (+385 1)
Fax: (+385 1) 3667-915

Hnit-Baltic is the ESRI and ERDAS distributor for Lithuania providing products and services for GIS, Digital mapping, Photogrammetry, Application programming, consulting, and training.

IMAGEM b.v. . headquartered in the Netherlands provides extensive GIS services, Geodata, Satellite Imagery and GIS software products. The company has a business unit fully dedicated to software sales and support, ready to assist users in all phases of a project implementation. Imagem b.v. is the distributor for Leica Geosystems GIS & Mapping and LizardTech in the Netherlands, providing complete support, training and consultancy for ERDAS IMAGINE, LPS and MrSID solutions.

Informi GIS A/S is the distributor for ESRI and ERDAS products for Denmark. We provide complete GIS and mapping solutions.

Tel: +45 45 28 00 00

Marathon Data Systems Specialized in large scales aerial orthophotos (12/25cm), cartography, and PlaniPhotos (Maps mixed with photos), InterAtlas has in stock 4,000 Km around Paris from 1998.

Tel: +33 (0)1-46 30 63 63
Fax: +33 (0)1-46 30 23 80

Nexus Geografics is a Tech company playing a leading role inInternet Mapping in Spain. We deliver consumable maps & images to hundreds of users every week. Very Big Spanish sites rely on our revolutionaire technology, based on Lizard Tech’s, Oracle and ESRI technology.

Sysdeco Italia s.r.l. is distributor of PCI Geomatics and RouteSmart products in Italia providingthe complete set of products, services and support for ESRI, PCI RouteSmart and other complimentary products and solutions. Sysdeco Italia is specializes in developing and promoting advanced GIS, mapping and Remote Sensing solution.

Terra Ltd. is a leading Company in Geographic Information Systems, Digital Mapping and Photogrammetry in Greece. We provide services and solutions in the above fields.

The GeoInformation Group provides MrSID-based imagery solutions under the Cities & Counties Revealed product name. They also offer complete sales and support services for end-user MrSID products in the UK, Scotland, Ireland, and South Africa.

Resellers - Rest of the World

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GISTEC specializes in providing hi-tech engineering solutions, software systems, data products, and technical services in the following fields:

* Geographic Information System (GIS)
* Automated Mapping / Facility Management (AM/FM)
* Geographic Image Processing and Remote Sensing
* GIS-based Asset Management
* Imaging and Document Management

GISTEC is the distributor of LizardTech Inc. for the Gulf region including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and U.A.E.

Systematics is the leading distributor and integrator of engineering, geographic and collaborative computer applications. We are the leading vendor of Geographic Information Systems in Israel.

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