MrSID is twenty years old this year, and we’re as proud as parents of a junior in college. We’ve watched MrSID grow from its childhood MG2 days, already an industry changing innovation way back then, to take on lossless compression as the teenaged MG3. For us, shepherding the young MrSID® geospatial image format through its formative years was like being the guardians of a child superhero.

Before MrSID came along, dealing with geospatial imagery required specialized workstations, datasets that were hundreds of megabytes in size were completely unwieldy, and imagery resolution was in the tens of meters. Imagery was practically unusable. The arrival in 1992 of the MrSID format, which compressed georeferenced image data at high ratios without sacrificing the visual quality that made them useful in the first place, opened up the field of geospatial image use.

Now MrSID stands fully matured, easily accommodating multi- and hyperspectral imagery in its MG4 incarnation and handling alpha bands without batting an eye. A tireless team-player and heavy lifter, MrSID lives to serve the geospatial community — mostly without complaining.

Enter Your Story to Win!

We’ll be hosting events throughout the year to celebrate MrSID’s 20th anniversary. In the meantime, we’re holding a contest, inviting people like you – in fact, you – to say a word or two about how MrSID has come to their rescue. Send us your recollection or tribute at [email protected]by July 10th, 2012. We’ll pick three contributors at random. Grand prize winner will receive an iPad and the two runner-ups will each receive a $50 gift card to We will announce the winners the winners via Twitter at Esri International User Conference in San Diego on July 24th.

Contest rules: No purchase necessary. Only one (1) entry will be accepted per person. Current and former LizardTech employees are not eligible to enter to win. Three prizes will be awarded for this contest based off of a random drawing of all entrees. LizardTech reserves the right to substitute a prize of similar or equal value for the prizes being given away. Contest ends July 10, 2012.