Express Server, Leaflet and Non-geo Images

Leaflet is a nice little viewer which works very well with WMS servers like Express Server (as shown in this post). However, Express Server doesn’t just serve georeferenced imagery – it can serve any type of large images, even if they are not georeferenced.   Express Server uses a custom API called getimage to quickly serve […]

Esri 2015

Esri UC Wrap Up – Still Time to Take Our Survey

Thanks to all of you who visited the LizardTech booth last month at the Esri User Conference. Of the record 17,000 attendees, we think we gave demos of our new GeoExpress 9.5 software to at least 16,999 of you. We’re just glad you didn’t stop by all at once. As expected, the most popular feature […]

GeoExpress 9.5 Unveils LiDAR Compression at the Esri UC

The LizardTech booth is sure to be a hopping place at the Esri User Conference this month. We’ll be unveiling the latest version of GeoExpress, conducting a ‘Pain Points’ survey and hosting a Guess-the-Lizards contest. So put booth #2310 on your official agenda for what promises to be a busy show in San Diego.   […]

Using GeoExpress to Crop Seattle Voting Districts

Take our survey at Esri UC for a chance to win a Kindle Fire!

Share Your Pain and Win a Tablet

At LizardTech, we realize that raster data sets pose challenges to nearly every organization. From acquisition and storage to processing and delivery, raster data management issues will only grow as new and different airborne, mobile and stationary sensors hit the market, collecting greater volumes of data at faster rates and higher resolution. That’s why we […]

Same Lizard, Same Magic

What do flying turtles, a Bob Odenkirk look alike, dogs on boogie boards and neon lizards have in common? If your answer was that all of these have appeared in LizardTech advertisements dating back to 1999 (and aren’t a crazy idea for a game show), then you are correct! LizardTech has been around for a […]


Express Server now supports Java 1.8

Version 9.0.6 of Express Server adds support for Java 1.8! This fix allows users to download and use the latest version of Java with Express Server, which increases security and stability. Previously, Express Server required Java 1.7. Users of version 9.0.5 can either download the new version from our website or perform their own upgrade by […]

Mapping Earthquake Data

Given the recent earthquake in Nepal, I thought that it would be interesting to map earthquakes around the world. Luckily, the USGS provides a handy earthquake feed that makes this very easy. The map below displays earthquakes in the last week with a magnitude greater than 4.5: The satellite imagery is from MODIS and hosted […]

Introducing a New Version of GeoViewer for Desktop

GeoViewer is LizardTech’s free GIS viewer for Windows. You can use GeoViewer to view raster imagery, LiDAR point clouds, vector overlays, WMS sources, and even JPIP sources.   This version of GeoViewer has some handy new features, summarized below: Bookmarks to save the locations you access frequently An OpenStreetMap base map Dynamic range stretching to […]