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Big Bertha Tour

Last week, a few of us went for a hosted tour of Seattle’s SR 99 Tunnel Project with the local chapter of ASPRS (the American Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing).  For those who aren’t local to Seattle, the project involves digging a 60-foot wide tunnel two miles under the city.  The digging itself is being done by the […]


LiDAR Compression at ILMF 2

Several of us just returned from the ILMF 2010 conference in Denver, Colorado. What was near and dear to my heart there was the interest in LiDAR compression. Several presentations focused on this (linked items below are PDF documents): “Storing and Managing LiDAR Data” by Jon Skiffington (LizardTech) “Compressing LiDAR Waveform Data” by Dr. Charles […]

LizardTech Engineering’s introduction to LiDAR Compressor

This morning, July 13, 2009, LizardTech unveiled LiDAR Compressor. This application allows consumers of LiDAR data the same benefits LT has provided raster consumers for over 10 years. The press release describes some of the product’s overall capabilities and benefits. I was privileged to be the project manager for this effort and in this post will describe the […]

Reminiscences of Spring Break at the ESRI Dev Summit

Glen Thompson and I were fortunate to attend the ESRI Developer’s Summit in Palm Springs last month. In addition to being a great excuse to get out of the rain here in Seattle, the Dev Summit provides a great opportunity to catch up with our friends from Redlands and see what’s new with ArcGIS. Those […]

Making public imagery truly public

Lizard watchers will have noticed the recent LizardTech announcement regarding the Express Server sale to North Carolina. I spent an afternoon pointing Google Earth over there and reflected about the need for better public access for public GIS aerial imagery. Like most people (certainly most people who read LizardTech’s blog) I’m really excited by the […]

Thoughts on the ESRI Developer Summit and OGC in ArcGIS Server

Last week, some of us went south to Palm Springs to escape the rain and enjoy the company of the crew from Redlands at the ESRI Developer Summit. Much of the conference has been blogged about elsewhere, but I did want to share my observations of the talk on OGC capabilities in ArcGIS Server 9.3. […]

Geocaching in Hawaii

I recently got back from a short vacation with friends and family in Hawaii. Although I’ve been part of the LizardTech Engineering team for many years, I’m relatively new to the geospatial industry, so you’ll forgive me if wax a little misty here. One of the things that made this trip particularly memorable for me […]