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Having tools that are designed to work with each other at every step along your workflow is the key to transforming your satellite and aerial image data into products that people use.

LizardTech serves customers in the Department of Transportation, the oil and gas and utilities industries, data providers and local government. Depending on individual needs, our customers take advantage of LizardTech’s Express Suite® applications, which work together as a group, or choose just the components they need.



What are your needs?

  • Need to crop and compress your imagery? Use GeoExpress® software.
  • Want to mosaic your MrSID imagery and deploy it on the Web? GeoExpress and Express Server® software are right for you.
  • Need to improve the raster performance of your maps being viewed with or served by ESRI products? Express Server comes with plug-ins for ArcGIS.
  • Need a simple imagery viewer for use in the field? GeoViewer is your choice.

Manipulation and Compression

Import your source imagery into GeoExpress, where you can mosaic and crop images, correct tonal imbalances, and reproject to the coordinate system you require. Use GeoExpress’ powerful manipulation tools to deliver high quality datasets to your customers and users.

Output in compressed MrSID or JPEG 2000 format directly to a file system or Express Server. Publish existing MrSID and JPEG 2000 imagery to Express Server without having to reencode.

Distribution and Viewing

Use Express Server to pull imagery from a file system or from Express Server catalogs. With an Express Suite workflow, your imagery can be viewed simultaneously in WMS and Web applications, ESRI applications and all GeoRaster-enabled applications—virtually all commonly used GIS applications.

The interoperability that is the foundation of Express Suite means the utility of your imagery is not restricted by particular formats, data sources or viewing environments. With Express Suite, your imagery just gets where it’s needed—and gets there faster.

View Geospatial Images

Use GeoViewer, LizardTech’s free, stand-alone application, for viewing geospatial imagery and vector overlays. With GeoViewer you can combine, view and export visual layers from varied sources, such as local repositories, Express Server catalogs, and WMS and JPIP servers. LizardTech GeoViewer supports a wide range of input formats and exports to GeoTIFF, PNG and JPEG. This is the most efficient means of viewing MrSID, JPEG 2000 and NITF images.

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