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Express Suite

Imaging Software for Real-World Geospatial Workflows

LizardTech® Express Suite® offers the complete package for your geospatial needs: you can manipulate and compress your imagery with GeoExpress®, and distribute your imagery over the Internet using Express Server®.




Streamlined workflow

Keeping a competitive edge increasingly requires interoperability among the technologies and services that your organization uses to get work done. Having tools that are designed to work with each other at every step along your workflow is the key to transforming your satellite and aerial image data into products that people use. Storing, manipulating and distributing your imagery calls for familiar tools that work seamlessly not only with each other but also with protocols and applications in the larger geospatial ecosystem.

LizardTech’s Express Suite offers just such a set of tools for geospatial imaging. Express Server already enables your imagery to be distributed by any network and viewed in almost every geospatial environment. With GeoExpress, all of LizardTech’s applications can also interoperate with one another, which makes it easier and faster than ever to get your imagery into the hands of the people who need it.

Why Express Suite?

  • For the first time, LizardTech’s applications, GeoExpress and Express Server, can interoperate with one another (see figure 1 – click image for larger view.).
  • Don’t need both of the products? Choose what you need.

Figure 1 - click for a larger view.

Express Suite Workflow

Features and Benefits

Speed Up Your Imaging Workflow - LizardTech’s Express Suite is designed to meet your needs point for point along your workflow. From the moment you receive your georeferenced source imagery to the moment downstream users import your products into their GIS, Express Suite provides easy-to-use tools that help you put your imagery to work where it’s needed.

Manipulation and Compression - Import your source imagery into GeoExpress, where you can mosaic and crop images, correct tonal imbalances, and reproject to the coordinate system you require. Use GeoExpress’ powerful manipulation tools to deliver high quality datasets to your customers and users. Output in compressed MrSID or JPEG 2000 format directly to a file system or Express Server.

Distribution and Viewing - With an Express Suite workflow, your imagery can be viewed simultaneously in WMS and Web applications, ESRI applications, and all GeoRaster-enabled applications – virtually all commonly used GIS applications. Use Express Server to pull imagery from a file system, or from Express Server catalogs.

Choose Among Stand-Alone Products for Specific Imaging Needs – Choose the components of our applications that suit your needs the most. Do you only need to crop and compress your imagery? Use GeoExpress. Do you want to mosaic your MrSID imagery and deploy it on the Web? GeoExpress and Express Server are right for you. Pick and choose what makes sense for you.

Case Studies

Read how our customers are utilizing Express Suite

Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC)

LizardTech Express Suite enabled the Air Force easy access to imagery for supporting U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Download PDF Case Study ~ PDF 86 kB

View HTML Case Study ~ HTML


State of New Jersey Office of Geographic Information Systems

The State of New Jersey OGIS used Express Server as an extensible solution for streaming its own orthoimagery, acquired NAIP data and USGS topographic maps.

Download PDF Case Study ~ PDF 115 kB

View HTML Case Study ~ HTML