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Our online learning modules show you some tips and tricks to help you make the most of every LizardTech product and feature. We also share industry best practices to help you effectively utilize your time and resources.


Compress, Mosaic, and Modify Geospatial Imagery with Ease

Watch an introduction to the newly released GeoExpress 10. With a focus on user experience and simplifying workflows, GeoExpress 10 truly makes it easier to get your imagery to do exactly what you need - in the right format and projection.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the new user interface allows for at-a-glance crop and reprojection
  • How to mosaic raster files together, even if they have different projections or file types
  • How to use the expanded LiDAR capabilities to reproject, crop, and mosaic LiDAR files

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Make the most of your Esri GIS tools with LizardTech solutions

Learn how to use LizardTech solutions to get the most out of your compressed imagery and LiDAR in your Esri GIS suite of tools.  Have you ever wondered how Express Server works with ArcGIS Online, or ArcGIS Enterprise?  Would you like to know how to use Express Server to serve up imagery and LiDAR at blazing fast speeds to your ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro users?  Or do you have questions about how to optimize performance of your MrSID files inside of your Esri tools?

Watch and learn how to:

  • LizardTech imagery and LiDAR solutions can help make your data more manageable while improving performance and decreasing size.
  • MrSID compressed imagery and LiDAR can be integrated into your Esri software and workflows, allowing you to work with massive amounts of data without sacrificing accuracy or resolution.
  • MrSID imagery and LiDAR can be viewed in ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Desktop.
  • Express Server can deliver large-scale compressed imagery at fantastic speeds to your Esri users without requiring complicated hardware, provisioning, or administration.

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Improve Your LiDAR Data Management and Sharing

LiDAR data is an invaluable tool for understanding the environment around us, but millions upon millions of points can add up to a data management headache. LiDAR point clouds can be tens of gigabytes or more in size, causing storage problems and preventing easy sharing across your enterprise. LizardTech’s patented solutions for compressing, manipulating, and managing your LiDAR data can help you get more out of your LiDAR investment.

Watch and learn how to:

  • Compress your LiDAR losslessly to MrSID or LAZ to save on storage and increase portability

  • Share your LiDAR across your enterprise and with your customers using Express Server

  • Expose your LiDAR point cloud data to your users in multiple formats with Express Zip

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Elevate the Impact of Your Geospatial Imagery and Assets

You've spent a lot of time and energy building your organization's geospatial library. Now find out how to get the most out of it.

Learn how to:

  • Organize, access, and share your library
  • Catalog geospatial images alongside various other file forms such as office docs!
  • Save time searching for files across multiple computers, drives, and networks.

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DM Demo Theatre: LizardTech's Express Server

Join us for a quick 20-minute demonstration of the newly released Express Server.
In this webinar we will:
  • Demonstrate how streaming and viewing large LiDAR point clouds and raster imagery is easier than ever before
  • Show you how you can create LiDAR DEMs on-the-fly
  • Introduce you to an updated, out-of-box installation experience

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Introduction to GeoExpress

This webcast will give you an introduction to GeoExpress, show you new features in version 9.5.3, and tell you how to try GeoExpress for yourself!

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