View imagery quickly with GeoViewer and GeoViewer Pro.

Extensive File Format Support

Whether you keep it simple with our free viewer or go pro, you can display raster, vector, LiDAR, WMS and JPIP layers. Both versions of GeoViewer have extensive support for industry file formats, including the industry standard MrSID format and the ISO standard JPEG 2000 format.


Customize Display Settings

Tweak settings by layer to ensure that each image displays exactly the way you want it. Select image bands for multispectral images, adjust dynamic range setting for 16-bit images and even view your imagery on a built-in OpenStreetMap base layer for context. Plus, with GeoViewer Pro, you can change a map’s projection.

Explore LiDAR Point Clouds

Explore LAS, LAZ and MrSID Generation 4 (MG4) point clouds in 3-D mode or view a rasterized version in 2-D mode. Select from a long list of color gradients to customize your LiDAR experience, and more easily visualize elevation changes with an option to exaggerate elevation values.


Connect to WMS and JPIP

Access your data by connecting to servers from anywhere. Connect to a WMS server and browse image catalogs from a simple interface and display on the same map. Easily browse JPIP layers by connecting to an ExpressServer, or select from a list of frequently accessed images on another JPIP server.

Export and Print

Export custom areas or an entire map. Plus, with GeoViewer Pro, you can tile the images you export and print your images. An intuitive print interface lets you print images at full resolution or fit on a page.

Go Mobile

Try the GeoViewer app for Android and iOS to display MrSID and JPEG 2000 imagery, measure distances, view geographic coordinates and more.

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