Tools & Utilities

Access additional capabilities for advanced manipulation and viewing of geospatial data files.

Available Tools and Utilities:

GeoExpress Command Line Applications

Includes MrSID Decode, MrSID Geoinfo and MrSID Geometa tools:

  • MrSID Decode: Command line utility that allows for decompression of MG2, MG3, and MG4 .sid files.
  • MrSID Geoinfo: Command line utility that displays basic information about images. For example, you can view the width, height, compression ratio, etc. of MrSID images and various other formats.
  • MrSID Geometa: Command line utility for modifying the metadata of MrSID files. For example, you can embed world file information, add user metadata, etc.

Download GeoExpress Command Line Applications for:

Download Documentation

MG4 Decode Utility

This free, graphical utility provides you with the ability to decode LiDAR files compressed to MrSID Generation 4 (MG4) back to LAS or ASCII formats. Requires Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.

Download UserManual

LiDAR Decode Utility

This free, redistributable tool allows you to decode LiDAR point cloud datasets compressed to MrSID Generation 4 using LizardTech LiDAR Compressor to plain text (ASCII) or LAS. Requires Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.


MrSID Echo ID Utility

Only needed if having licensing or installation problems. Returns locking codes needed to unlock GeoExpress. Extract 3 files from to your desktop. Run ‘echoid.exe’ to retrieve the locking codes needed to obtain unlock code for GeoExpress. Requires Microsoft Windows.




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