Access GeoViewer on the go with apps for mobile devices, or use ExpressView to view MrSID and JPEG 2000 image formats natively in standard Windows Web browsers.

Available Viewers:


Download the mobile version of our feature-packed GIS viewer so you can display and explore imagery in a wide range of file formats while on the go. Click here to learn more about GeoViewer for desktop. With the app for iOS or Android, you can view raster, vector, and WMS imagery easily and take advantage of measurement tools, online base maps, and more.

GeoViewer For iOS

Free download features:

  • View MrSID and JPEG 2000 imagery.
  • View vector imagery in the Esri Shapefile and KML formats.
  • Connect to Dropbox to view your saved imagery.
  • View online base maps.
  • Save favorite locations as bookmarks.
  • Change the opacity of layers to compare overlapping images.
  • Select the image bands that you want to view for multispectral images.
  • Measure distances.
In-app upgrade features:
  • Display WMS imagery.
  • Measure areas.
  • Search for locations using addressing information.
  • Change the map’s projection to additional supported projections.
  • Track your current location on the map.
iOS system requirements:

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

Download GeoViewer 3.0 for iOS
GeoViewer for Android


  • Open MrSID and JPEG 2000 images
  • Select bands to view from a multispectral image
  • Explore imagery by panning, zooming in, and zooming out
  • Add vector overlays (Esri Shapefiles and KML files) to get more out of image layers
  • Center on your GPS location so you can see what’s nearby
  • Measure the distance between points in a series
  • Identify geolocation by touching any image
  • View layer properties, including coordinate reference system, geo bounding box, dimensions, colorspace, datatype, and resolution
  • Search by geographic coordinates in WGS 84 (Lat/Long) or the image’s native coordinate reference system
  • Set viewing preferences (band selection, layer line color, etc.)

Android system requirements:

Android 2.3.3+
Android device

Download GeoViewer 3.0 for Android
ExpressView Browser Plug-in

This plug-in (formerly the MrSID Browser Plug-in) is free for individual use and enables you to view MrSID® and JPEG 2000 images natively in standard Windows Web browsers. The intuitive graphic user interface allows you to view, magnify, measure, print and save images.


  • Microsoft Windows XP, 2003 SP2, Vista SP2, 7, 8, Server 2012
  • 200MHz PC processor
  • Minimum of 64 MB RAM
  • 1GHz processor
  • Firefox 25 or later
  • Internet Explorer 10 or later
  • Not supported on Chrome due to lack of NPAPI support
  • Not supported on mobile devices (see GeoViewer for iOS and Android support)

Download ExpressView 6.6.1


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