When it comes to national defense, any delay or inaccuracy in data can be critical.

LizardTech’s geospatial data solutions integrate seamlessly with one another to reduce storage space, increase speed and make it easier than ever to get the images you need where they’re needed at exactly the right moment.

And defense goes beyond the battlefield: National security also encompasses protection from disease, natural disasters and other public health concerns. Careful monitoring of accurate and timely geospatial information worldwide enables key agencies to respond quickly and efficiently to any detected change, for example predicting harvest failures and mobilizing aid before a situation becomes dire.

National security customers rely on GeoExpress to compress data sets into much smaller files for fast distribution via Express Server and other means. Whether it’s a short-term national emergency or a long-term national security concern, files get where they’re needed quickly in formats that can be used instantly, enabling key decision makers to put that information to work.


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