Portfolio is the digital asset management solution that makes it easy to organize, access and share geospatial imagery alongside associated graphic and digital files. With Portfolio, everyone in your organization will find the satellite, aerial or UAS imagery, plus any related digital file they need when they need it.

MrSID Compatible

Your MrSID files are ready to load into Portfolio right now – with no additional conversion. Optimized for geospatial customers, Portfolio can extract embedded metadata from MrSID and other geospatially formatted files for intelligent cataloging and retrieval. 

Catalog your MrSID (MG2, MG3, MG4) and other geospatial formatted files (GeoTIFF, JP2, NITF, LAS and LAZ), alongside Adobe Creative Cloud applications, MS Office documents, videos, audio files, and any other digital file, in Portfolio so they are easier to tag, find, and access. You can also convert any file into a MrSID file directly in Portfolio.

LizardTech’s dynamic panning and ability to zoom in deeply is included in Portfolio; enabling quick, high-resolution viewing of MrSID files. Quickly assess geospatial images and pair with proposals, presentations, and other project and business-related information.

Quick and Easy Search

Search by geographic coordinates or any traditional metadata tag, including geographic name, acquisition date, data source, etc., to find geospatial data sets meeting the search criteria. Even complex files like 360-degree videos and photos can be easily tagged, archived and accessed. Thumbnails are automatically generated to give you a visual way to search, preview and select the file you’re looking for fast.

The Map View within Portfolio lets you see the location of digital assets or images with GPS coordinates on a map.

For over 15 years, government agencies, private sector organizations, universities, museums, libraries, and non-profits worldwide have used Portfolio to manage photographs, maps, graphics, and a variety of other digital assets.

With Portfolio, you can:

  • Dramatically reduce time spent looking for files on multiple networks, drives and computers.
  • Eliminate costly replacement and duplicate purchases of misplaced or unknown data files.
  • Multiply value of digital assets as more users across the organization find and use them.
  • Share assets with internal and external partners quickly and efficiently.
  • Easily store and search archived assets.

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