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System Requirements

3 GHz quad core processors
500 MB of free disk space, plus room for imagery
Gigabit Ethernet or fiber-optic for remote imagery

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What's New in Express Server 9.5

  • Stream and view large LiDAR point cloud data quickly and easily; no more time-consuming downloads.
  • Create LiDAR DEMS on-the-fly, filter by classification, save download time for your users and storage cost for you, so that end users can access the exact LiDAR data they need, when they need it.
  • Express Server is supported everywhere WMS is supported, so you can provide LiDAR in the applications your customers use.
  • With automatic installation of prerequisites, you’ll have a streamlined out-of-box experience.

What's New in Express Server 9

Multithreaded decodes for faster performance 

What's New in Express Server 8

  • Quickly and easily distribute high resolution raster imagery
  • Retain high visual quality, regardless of connection speed, with support for MrSID, JPEG 2000, NITF and Geospatial PDF formats
  • Distribute up to 255 bands in MrSID format with support for hyperspectral imagery
  • Run Express Server on a 64-bit operating system to take advantage of memory-based performance improvements

Version History 

Feature History | PDF

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