GeoViewer Pro Download and Installation Instructions

Thank you for purchasing GeoViewer Pro!

If you already have the free version of GeoViewer installed, skip to the licensing instructions below. Otherwise, click on a link below to start the download.

  • Windows 64-bit - This is what most people need.
  • Windows 32-bit - Only download this version if you know you have a 32-bit operating system.

The installation materials are self-contained executable files. After the download is complete, just double-click the file name on your computer to start the installation process.


Licensing Instructions

The order confirmation contains a serial number for GeoViewer Pro. This number is for record keeping only. The license is a completely separate code that unlocks the Pro functionality and is based on the locking code of your computer. GeoViewer Pro licenses are manually generated by LizardTech support staff during office hours 8AM-5PM UTC-0800.

License requests outside these hours will receive a response on the following business day.

To activate GeoViewer Pro complete the following steps:

  1. Double-click the GeoViewer icon to open GeoViewer.
  2. In the menu bar at the top click Options > View License.
  3. Copy the Locking Code from the top of the window. This is the code that starts with 1804-* followed by a string of numbers. Make sure to copy this entire string.
  4. Open a web browser and navigate to the following URL:
  5. In the Contact Information section enter your contact details.
  6. In the Product Information section select GeoViewer from the LizardTech Product drop-down and enter the Serial Number that your received in your purchase confirmation email.
  7. In the Cartridge ID section enter N/A
  8. In the Locking Code section paste the locking code from step 3.
  9. In the System Information section enter your operating system name and any additional information.
  10. Click Submit.


A LizardTech representative will contact you within one business day.