Supported Products and Versions

LizardTech provides full support for the current version of all shipping products. In addition, LizardTech provides limited support for older products up to one year after the product version is no longer offered for sale. LizardTech may, at their discretion, extend limited support on a case-by-case basis.

Support for LizardTech's GeoExpress and Express Server is covered through annual support agreements (ASA) which must be kept current in order to maintain service. Please contact the LizardTech sales team for more information.

Note: We only support our products in the operating systems and hardware environments specified in the system requirements. See our online support information or contact LizardTech Technical Support if you have any questions regarding third-party support or compatibility.

Full LizardTech product support includes:

  • Free LizardTech Technical Support via phone and email during regular business hours.
  • Periodic maintenance releases to address bugs and OS compatibility.
  • Direct online access to your LizardTech product installers.
  • Knowledge Base Articles.

Limited LizardTech product support includes:

  • Free LizardTech Technical Support via phone and email for one year beyond the release date.
  • Direct online access to installers to upgrade your LizardTech product to the current version.
  • Knowledge Base Articles.

For unsupported products LizardTech will provide relevant Knowledge Base Articles at our discretion.

LizardTech Technical Support

LizardTech is pleased to provide free technical support to customers with a current ASA for LizardTech products. Technical support includes helping you:

  • Install and uninstall your LizardTech product.
  • Relicense your LizardTech product following computer, operating system, or hardware changes.
  • Upgrade your LizardTech product.
  • Understand the documented features of your LizardTech product.
  • Configure and optimize workflows for your LizardTech product.
  • Troubleshoot unexpected behavior encountered while using your LizardTech product.

LizardTech Technical Support does not include:

  • Assistance with specialty customization of our products that may be required to integrate them into your specific workflow. This includes, but is not limited to: VB Script, JavaScript, XML, IIS or Apache server configuration, and networking.
  • Support for any operating system or system specifications beyond directly supporting our products as noted above.
  • Technical assistance for freeware products, discontinued products, or third-party products.





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