Pixels add up.  But image-quality is critical when you're dealing with geospatial data. GeoExpress shrinks images and data files to 5 percent of their original size while retaining the integrity of the originals.


Save Space. Save Money.

Compress massive geospatial images and LiDAR data into high-quality MrSID files. Your files are smaller and more manageable, and so are your storage costs.


Improve Images

Use the powerful suite of GeoExpress editing and manipulation tools to crop, color balance, compile mosaics and more. Create exactly the image you need, every time.

Solutions Highlight

In Ville de Sherbrooke in Quebec, police and fire vehicles can access years’ worth of critical GIS data while on the go. In-vehicle data terminals are updated while cars and trucks are parked in the garage and undergoing maintenance, but that much data usually takes up a lot of space – and a lot of bandwidth on the network. Thanks to GeoExpress, the city saves time, money and space with compressed datasets, and police and fire personnel are able to receive critical data sooner. When comparing third-party one-time compression options with GeoExpress, the city found that the GeoExpress compressed images had higher quality. The city initially saved thousands, and will continue to save as it utilizes GeoExpress to compress future datasets.


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